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The king of the Sahara desert animals:camels

In the desert, people most familiar sahara desert animals are camels.Camels can trekking, across vast desert, is the important traffic tools, is known as “the ships of the desert“.
The Sahara desert camels,all for the one-humped camel, flat hooves, feet and leg muscles between the elastic block,and there are pads like the corpus callosum, to walk freely in the desert ground is very stable.Camels in the Gobi desert can heat cold, and may be able to hunger thirst resistance. Its body temperature can change with the surrounding environment, no matter how high the outside temperature, how hot the weather, it can self-regulate their body temperature and external balance.Dromedary breeding does not need concentrated feed, desert plants, leaves, branches is its delicious food, and even dry and coarse straw will feel satisfied.Camels endure hunger and thirst-resistant ability, some say because of the camel’s back hump was filled with water can be added at any time, so a few days no water to drink, but also insisted that there would be no danger. In fact, not completely right, in addition to the hump of water but also have a crude fat storage.When the camels are not dietary supplements, they will use the hump in the nutrients and water to sustain life. Desert climate is very dry, surface water scarcity, the air is particularly dry, so long as wells or water, thirsty camel by its own specific features, a few kilometers away you can smell the water and gas, where to find water. A thirsty dromedary, one of the drinking water can reach tens of kilograms, equal to its own weight of 1 / 3. The water is transported through the stomach to the body.The case of water on the road, the one-humped camel can last for 7 days without water, only eat coarse hay. Load 200 kg cargo of camels, just very little grass and water consumption, you can walk in the desert a few weeks. Loss of body fluids in 27% (weight close to 1 / 4) 20% lighter indeed become “skinny”, but they are still amazing perseverance, enduring thirst, tenaciously alive …
However, if they suffer more than the limit, it will lie down and quietly wait for death, no longer any way to make it stand up. In addition, camels little mouth, breathing frequency is low, it can greatly reduce the body water distribution. In the hot day, it have their own functions to regulate body temperature, so little sweat. Dromedary docile temperament, no matter who, as long as it affects the reins, who heard beck and call.However, do not mess with it anger, temper when it came, very stubborn, especially small camels, especially do not want to pack the goods, often in the master roared, Ben jump. Although camels eat the grass, but it is full of treasures. Camel leather for the production of leather products; camel plush is a senior wool textile raw materials; camel milk and cheese are delicious food; the camel’s bones are industrial raw materials and organic fertilizers; dried camel dung or a better life on the desert dwellers of fuel . In short, the camel was no demand for human life, but then human sacrifice greatly.

sahara desert animals


Endangered the Sahara desert animals

This is the first time to photographed the Sahara desert animals Africa cheetah, also in the Sahara desert 1,750 square mile area in central the first system camera trap reconnaissance part of the job, this will give scientists provide a lot of information, including the African cheetah quantity, activities and their relationship and the surrounding environment, etc.

The Sahara desert animals Africa cheetah also named northwest Africa cheetah, rare species, according to estimates that global adult African cheetah, and lack of this only 250 cats understand almost is still blank. The survey through careful check each cheetahs body unique spot has identified the Sahara Africa four only different cheetahs. The institute has provided photographs verified these cats living areas, and through the collection of gazelles horns confirmed that the area has existed, and now this wild gazelle corner gazelle is deemed to have dried up.

London animal society (ZSL) senior researcher Sarah – Durant (even, “said dr Durant) Sahara Africa cheetah is extremely endangered species, actually for this kind of African cheetah population, so these new found nothing evidence and ongoing research work it is significant.” London animals learn to research body lide bell and Belbachir) is Farid billboards (comprehensive university GuYa Algerian bei researcher, he has been the project survey of the research in the implementation of the work. He said: “the Sahara desert animals Africa cheetah the rare animals is very, very rare, but also whereabouts secret African cheetah subspecies, estimates the number of existing not exceed 250 only. This will help us to accumulate knowledge in this aspect, can obtain African cheetah population information, activity and the required ecological environment, etc.”

Endangered the Sahara desert animals

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The Sahara desert animals

The Sahara into the world’s largest desert later, climate is very hot and dry sand dunes, plants are very rare, rolling, the sparsely populated, gobi, in a place like this, is likely to be a point of life. Actually otherwise,sahala desert there are 300 multiple desert animals. Most liked animals are antelope, people called it “desert children”. Antelope temperament moderate sharp, quick run, one hour of 60-70 km, especially like ShaSheng with car race, the plants for food in the United States, skin, its meat made of leather.

The desert fox, named sha hu, natural disposition is tricky. Young people like to take back of fox feeding. But, it thief sex not changed, hello, although very gentle on the surface, but every night, but go out to steal food 60km harassment. Sha hu live in the desert and gobi, QiuPo higyway, ZhouFuYeChu, action secretive agility. Mostly they prey on gerbil, rabbits, birds and bird eggs for a living, also feed reptiles and insects. Sha hu is precious raw material skin.

There are a lot of mice desert, one kind cries gerbil, it ShaSheng drought to chew chew, the root of the plant leaves, fruits, incisors developed, especially for KenNie plant roots like. According to investigation, the gerbil only 100 more than a sheep graze quantity. Gerbil still everywhere dozen hole hole, build large-scale underground engineering, when if not careful, journey would be in a rat hole. Gerbil destroy plant root, digging out the sand buried a lot of plants, accelerate pasture desertification.

The Sahara desert has many colorful polychromatic birds, have larks, desert warbler, sand grouse, a wild goose, Bao etc. They want, some live in wind erosion rock hung the cliff hole, some roams the dunes bushes… Walking and less on the fly, have special protective coloration, therefore people often only hear twitter, not its shadow.

The Sahara desert animals common reptile is lizard scorpion. Lizard Scorpio is a fierce animal, eating never chew, even as big as their food, also be a swallow. Born a very thick upon corneous and scales. Lizard scorpion in living in caves, or bore into the dunes, often deal with sand, in order to prevent sand lungs cavity, in my nostrils growing a kind of special organization, breathe together immediately bristling, indentation porosity, make sand not be inhaled, in addition, my nostrils and a pair of very developed glands, sometimes to the outflowing mucous, accumulated sand discharge nostrils.

In the desert, people most familiar animals is the camel between the sahara desert animals . Camels can trekking, across vast desert, is the important traffic tools, is known as “the ships of the desert”. The Sahara desert camels, total for the ChanFengTuo, hoof flat, feet and leg muscles between elastic, and there is a form of pads in desert and gobi, corpus callosum walk freely, very smooth land. Camels in the gobi desert can heat-resistant hardy, and can endure hunger resistance to thirsty. It’s temperature varies with the surrounding environment can, no matter how tall outside temperature, how hot the weather was itself can adjust themselves temperature and external balance.Anyhow, camels life without beg to humans, but what of human dedication giant.

sahara desert animals

Posted by: firlen | May 12, 2011

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